Militants killed in Dagestan had lists of the local officials

DAGESTAN, 8 February, Caucasus Times. Militants, which have been recently liquidated in Kaspiisk, had lists of high-ranking local officials of the local city administration and lists of heads of the local Interior Office. Interfax agency reported about that quoting Head of the City Militia Magomed Lahiyalov as saying.

Killed militants also had maps of Makhachkala airport “Uitash” with possible fire plans of the airplanes during their landing.

As it was reported earlier, two militants have been liquidated on Monday during the assault on private house in the dacha area “Avangard” in the Southern outskirts of Kaspiisk. Personalities of killed militants have been identified. One of them was Enver Veliev, 24-year old native of Azerbaijan, currently resident of Dagestan, and Kamal Amirov, 35-year old resident of Dagestan.

Caucasus Times

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