Mikhail Shemyakin is arriving in Nalchik upon an invitation from Kabardino-Balkarian President

KABARDINO-BALKARIA, 6 March, Caucasus Times. Mikhail Shemyakin, one of the most famous representatives of the contemporary art, formerly dissident and at present US citizen, left from St.Petersburg to Mineralnye Vody by today’s morning flight.

Shemyakin is going to visit the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria Nalchik. In the words of Shemyakin’s friend Kabardinian artist Ruslan Tsrimov, Shemyakin is followed by his wife Sarah. Invitation to attend Kabardino-Balkaria was sent on behalf of the Kabardino-Balkarian President Arsen Kanokov.

He is going to acquaint his countrymen with the exhibition of his works devoted to spherical objects and their impact on the delepment of arts and human life. Shemyakin usually visits Nalchik from Moscow or St.Peterburg after exhibitions or theatre premieres. It is known that Shemyaking has some Kabardinian roots – mother of his father was of Kabardinian origin.

This time Shemyakin is going to acquaint himself with the achievements of the local Institute of Psychology and Philosophy of Creative Work, which is named in honour of Shemyakin.

Madina Dishekova, Nalchik, Caucasus Times

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