Migration service recalculates refugees but reluctant to ensure the people with humanitarian relief

INGUSHETIA, October 29, Caucasus Times – The residents of refugee tent camps on the territory of Ingushetia are not receiving humanitarian help from of a Migration Service for ten months, the Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the Migration service office.

According to Ali Parov, the director for Sunzhensky district department on migration he did not know why the humanitarian relief program delayed. “Actually, we have not supplied the refugees with the food products, but our service is not responsible for this delay. We are not charged to buy the humanitarian assistance and do not have funds either. If we had received the products we would have them distributed right away,” the clerk said in his interview with the Caucasus Times agency.

As of now, the internally displaced persons maintain their families by themselves. There are a few humanitarian organizations providing humanitarian assistance, International fund Danish Council on the refugees and International organization “Islamic relief”. However, since last year the food products are being delivered to the refugee camps with delays.

“Actually, we do not insist on the humanitarian help. We could manage to find jobs out there to earn some money if we would not be counted every week by the migration service employees,” complains Zargan Ulubayeva, a woman from “Sputnik” camp. “We have been in here for three days waiting for the migration service to come,” the woman said.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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