Local police hunt down “traitors”

INGUSHETIA, December 1, Caucasus Times – The Interior Ministry special operation is being conducted to detain suspects who have allegedly perpetrated several serious crimes in Ingushetia recently.

According to local police, in a few cases the criminals wore the police uniform and used certificates, an officer of the Interior Ministry said.

The criminals pretending to be police patrol officers, they rob and kill people on the roads. In this month over, there were six cases of crimes committed by ‘false police officers’ in the republic. Last week, a resident of Chechnya was killed by such “police patrol”.

“Actually, we do not rule out, that some of our colleagues might be linked with several cases. We have managed to spot some of them and are pursuing them. Still, the operation is being conducted and its far too soon to tell the results,” the officer said.

Caucasus Times

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