Leonid Roshal: “Terrorist Kulaev, who is old enough to be my grandson, was glad to see how I was groundlessly insulted”.

NORTH OSSETIA, 8 February, Caucasus Times. Leonid Roshal, Head of Health Service Commission of the Public Chamber, who gave his evidence on Tuesday as a witness in the case of Beslan terrorist Nurpasha Kulaev, urged all remaining witnesses not to appear in court in order to put an end to “political show”, which is currently going on in the hall of the court.

In the words of Doctor Roshal, he heard many words of gratitude from Ossetian women who lost their relatives. “However, small group of people in the court was trying to judge me instead of Kulaev, – Roshal declared. – They were not interested in learning new facts. Rather, they wanted to fling mud at me. Terrorist Kulaev, who is old enough to be my grandson, enjoyed all this theatre and was very glad to see how I was groundlessly insulted”.

In Roshal’s words, when he came to North Ossetia on 1 September 2004, “he did not want to participate later in such a process”. In his opinion, “these people do not need any trooth, they turned the trial into a theatre”.

Roshal urged other witnesses not to participate in the process which is still going on in Supreme Court of North Ossetia and stressed that “Kulaev is a person who is on trial. So he should be judged. If somebody wants to judge other people, this is his or her right, but I am not going to take part in that”.

Doctor Roshal came to Vladikavkaz on 7 February responding to victims’ request to appear in court. During terrorist act in Beslan he was one of the four negotiators demanded by the terrorists. In his evidence to the court, he provided details about how he negotiated with the terrorists over the phone.

Asiat Sagmatova, Vladikavkaz, Caucasus Times

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