Lawmakers to institute criminal responsibility for a national tradition

INGUSHETIA, November 9, Caucasus Times – The deputies of Public Assembly of Ingushetia, local parliament, have proposed an amendments in legislation that would make possible to punish those who abduct brides according to ancient tradition in the North Caucasus societies. Long time ago a bridegroom would abduct his beloved one to avoid bride price. The regional lawmakers have addressed to the colleagues in Russian State Duma to consider the proposal.
The Ingush legislators believe the tradition may violate the rights of a woman if she is taken by force. If the Federal Parliament approves the Ingush lawmakers’ proposal a man abducting a bride to marry her will face three-year term sentence.

“We meant only the cases when a young woman is taken away by force, without her consent. We consider the given offence deserves punishment as it contradicts not only the laws of a civilized society, but also breaks the standards of Islam,” deputy speaker of the republic’s legislature and advocate of the bill Zelimkhan Yevloyev was quoted as saying.

As to local people they remain skeptical of the initiative of Ingushi lawmakers because the tradition will survive whatever measures the authorities carry out. The conflicts must be resolved, the locals say, between two parties, two families, without involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Malika Bagayeva, Caucasus Times

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