Lawmakers of Ingushetia endorse Putin’s move to centralize power

INGUSHETIA, October 5, Caucasus Times – The deputies of Public Assembly of Ingushetia as a whole supported the initiative of Russia’s President that would lead to nomination of local governors, the committee on legislation and security office said in an interview with Caucasus Times correspondent.

The majority of lawmakers have supported Putin’s proposals to overhaul the political system and nomination of local governors and approving them by local legislatures, according to deputy head of the committee Ruslan Gagiyev.

“We have recently considered the Russian President’s proposals on reorganization of electoral system at a session of Public Assembly and our lawmakers have endorsed the move, let alone just a few who opposed,” Mr. Gagiyev was quoted as saying. “As to me, I understand the initiative as the President’s aspiration to further the strengthening of a vertical power in the country and therefore I consider them rather necessary.”

The deputy said he believed the appointment of local governors might have helped in strengthening the power in Russia to make it more effective and responsible in the regions. Besides, the realization of the proposals would rule out the possibility for some incompetent or dirty politicians to assume offices. “The abolishing of the elections obviously would essentially cut the budget costs and money could be redirected on different social needs. I think, that we should try this system in operation,” Mr. Gagiyev was quoted as saying.

In a meeting with his cabinet and the governors of Russia’s provinces on September 13 President Putin called for a new system of selecting regional leaders. Instead the popular vote Putin’s proposals will lead to nomination of local governors by the Kremlin.

Malika Bagayeva, Caucasus Times, Nazran

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