Khazret Sovmen: “We don’t accept any speculations concerning constitutional and legal status of the Republic of Adygea”.

ADYGEA, 28 February, Caucasus Times. On 28 February President of Adygea Khazret Sovmen during joint session of Krasnodar and Adygean Political Councils of “Edinaya Rossia” party proclaimed that “we don’t accept any speculations concerning constitutional and legal status of the Republic of Adygea. Unification of the republic and Krasnodar region is groundless, dangerous and is fraught with escalation of interethnic relations as well as with deterioration of the public and political situation in Southern Russia”. Head of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev also took part in this session.

“At present Adygea is stable and developing subject of the Russian Federation. Social and economic growth in the republic is stable. In spite of that, unfortunately, there are certain forces, which are trying to provoke interethnic tension and to question the mere existence of the Republic of Adygea. Those forces are becoming more active now, on the eve of the parliamentary elections”, – President of Adygea noticed. Khazret Sovmen stressed that only few people are provoking interethnic tension, but their potential danger should not be underestimated.

President of Adygea spoke for closer integration between Adygea and Krasnodar region. He stressed that these two regions make up unified geographic, historical and cultural space.

“Our goal is to create a single economic space and to develop all-round relations between our enterprises, state bodies and bodies of the local government and to coordinate their activities”, – President of Adygea pointed out. In his turn, Head of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev stated that any speculations about the status of Adygea are unacceptable. He stressed that both Adygea and Krasnodar region should remain independent subjects of the Russian Federation and to develop integration and mutual cooperation as two subjects of Federation in the sphere of economy, culture, education and tourism.

Aslan Shazzo, Maikop, Caucasus Times

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