Kabardino-Balkariya is ready to render North Ossetia all possible help

KABARDINO-BALKARIYA, September 7, Caucasus Times – “Deeply hurt by the tragedy in Beslan of North Ossetia, being emotionally with each family in Beslan we express our readiness to be together with Ossetian brothers wherever and whenever they will need it,” said President Valery Kokov in his televised statement on local television station.

Rescuers from Kabardino-Balkariya have been working at the scene throughout the crisis, rushing children to safety, police and doctors still remain in Norht Ossetia, said Emergency Situations Ministry press service.

At least 200 people came yesterday to the Nalchik blood transfusion station to give their blood for victims of terror attack in Beslan.

There are over 10.000 Ossetian residents in Kabardino-Balkariya, many have lost their relatives died at the Beslan school. But the tragedy hurt other peoples of the republic as well.

Local organizations, private citizens donate money, humanitarian help for survivors in the hostage taking.

Orthodox Christians attended funeral services in local Orthodox temples. Believers collect donations for the victims of the terror act.

Inga Babayeva, Caucasus Times, Nalchik

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