Kabardino-Balkarian Interior Ministry admitted that lists of extremists are being put together in the republican educational institutions

KABARDINO-BALKARIA, 10 March, Caucasus Times. Major Arsen Tishkov, Head of the Office on Fight Against Religious Extremism of the republican Interior Ministry told during the briefing at the Interior Ministry that the members of the republican law enforcement agencies hold conversations with Muslim believers who study in secondary schools and higher educational institutions of Nalchik.

He pointed out that “under the pretext of the ideas of so called “pure Islam”, schoolchildren and students are being often imposed extraneous ideas of Vakhkhabism. Being aware of this process, we are taken necessary preventive measures”.

According to REGNUM Information Agency, teachers in all educational institutions of Kabardino-Balkaria are putting together lists of Muslim believers. After that, members of law enforcement agencies contact those believers and hold converstaions with them. Occasional cases of putting pressure on Muslim believers have been reported.

Major Arsen Tishkov called law enforcement agencies to exercise caution and to be ready for the possible consolidation of Islamic extremists. In the meantime, he expressed his confidence that any further militants’ attack on Nalchik would not repeat. Colonel Khasan Kumykov, Deputy Head of the Public Order Office of the republican Interior Ministry, who participated in the briefing, said that after October events last year 57 persons wanted by the federal bodies had been detained by the local militia. In his words, nine submachine guns, machine gun “Kedr”, 34 pistols, 194 pieces of smooth-bore firearms, two shells for the grenade discharger cup, 18 grenades and 5 thousand of various amunition have been confiscated after October events last year.

According to the information released during a briefing, 93 militants were killed and more than 70 were detained in the course of the attack on Nalchik. Official sources indicate that 150 militants took part in the attack. 33 members of the law enforcement agencies and 12 civilians died in the fighting. 23 persons who participated in the attack are wanted by law enforcement agencies.

Madina Dishekova, Nalchik, Caucasus Times

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