Kabardino-Balkaria commemorates victims of the deportation of Balkarian people

KABARDINO-BALKARIA, 7 March, Caucasus Times. On 8 March 1944 Balkarian people were forcibly deported to Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Kabardino-Balkarian President Arsen Kanokov addressed Balkarian people in connection with 62 anniversary of the deportation of the Balkarians. “In their History, Balkarian people had to face numerous ordeals and hardships. Today we commemorate all those who became victims of the lawlessness and arbitrariness, who could not return to their Motherland”, – Kanokov’s address is saying.

Kabardino-Balkarian President stressed that “recognition of the genocide of the fraternal Balkarian people became possible only in the new Russia”. In his address, Kanokov expressed his confidence that all peoples of Kabardino-Balkaria would “overcome all current hardships in peace and harmony and continue their path towards democracy and social progress in a state of a stable unity”.

In the meantime, sources in the Nalchik city administration told CaucasusTimes correspondent that a meeting devoted to the victims of Balkarian people is scheduled to take place on Wednesday in Nalchik spa area near the monument to the victims of the political repressions. Leaders of Kabardino-Balkaria, representatives of the public and different confessions are going to take part in the meeting.

According to archive materials, on 8 March 1944 members of Soviet NKVD deported to Central Asia and Kazakhstan 14 trains with 37.713 Balkarians. 52% of them were children and 30% – women. On 28 March 1957 Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet issued a decree restoring Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Republic. After 13 years in exile Balkarian people received a right to return to their home land.

On 8 March 1994 when 50th anniversary of the deportation of Balkarians was commemorated, then Russian President Boris Yeltsin on behalf of the state apologized for the deportation. At the same time, presidential decree on rehabilitation and state support of the revival of Balkarian people had been issued. Federal and republican programs aimed at social, economic and cultural revival of Balkarian people are currently being succefully realized.

Inga Babaeva, Nalchik, Caucasus Times

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