Interior Ministry denies rumors over suicide bombers detention

ADYGEYA, October 7, Caucasus Times, – In late days the republic and its capital have been full of rumors the police had captured at least one female suicide bomber at the local central market but disclosed concealed the information not to trigger panic.
On October 6, the Interior minister of Adygea Vasily Smirnov held a press conference with local journalists to clear the situation. He suggested the rumors were ensued as a result of tightens security measures conducted lately in Maikop during the 3rd International festival of Adyghe culture and festivities celebrating the 13th Day of the republic. The information over alleged arrest of a suicide bomber has been ruled out by Mr. Smirnov at the press-conference. However the minister appreciated the information of concerned citizens of the republic calling to police stations. He told of a few persons who had been detained recently for camera shooting of the scenes in the city including a school building and the central market. As of now, the police are examining the suspects investigating what they came here for.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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