Inhabitants of Cherkessk Will Discuss City Charter

KARACHAEVO-CHERKESSIA, 20 December, Caucasus Times. Commission working on a new city charter of Cherkessk completed draft charter and published the text of this document in the local media.

Members of the Council of Deputies of Cherkessk city district informed CaucasusTimes correspondent that all necessary democratic procedures will be observed during the discussion of the draft charter.

“During 15 days inhabitants of Cherkessk can send their remarks, proposals and corrections. Their considerations will be taken into account by the Council of Deputies of Cherkessk city district”, – representatives of City Council indicated. Final version of the city charter will be approved by the Ministry of Justice.

Many changes have been made in the former version of the city charter, but all corrections made after September 2005 were cancelled by the decisions of the courts of different instances.

Madina Botasheva, Cherkessk, Caucasus Times

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