Ingushi youth to serve in paramilitary troops in Nazran

INGUSHETIA, August 5, Caucasus Times – Over 200 young men from Ingusheia will serve in the 126th regiment of Interior Ministry paramilitary troops quartered in Nazran, said President Murat Ziazikov speaking lately on a local TV show.

Several hundreds Ingushi youth will have job because one of two battalions to enforce the new military unit are to be made up exclusively with the local policemen, said Mr. Ziazikov. “The regiment of interior troops in Ingushetia will not only enforce order and security in the public, but give more workplaces for its citizens. Our guys are going to serve in the troops. I have ordered every district of Ingusheia should have at least 40-50 places for volunteers”,he said. Besides, the young men will have favorable privileges due to their status, such as housing, education in Russian educational institutions etc.

The special task regiment has been formed and began its service. Primarily, security and order in the republic are the main tasks of the troops. To enforce local police the combined units have began day-and-night patrolling the streets of Ingushetia, said Interior Ministry in an interview with Caucasus Times correspondent.

Caucasus Times

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