Ingushetia’s deputy prosecutor survives in a bombing

INGUSHETIA, November 10, Caucasus Times – In the morning of November 10, deputy prosecutor of the republic Umarbek Galayev survived in an assassination attempt.

The incident came at about 9 a. m. when an explosive went off in Mr. Galayev’s car while he was on his route to the prosecutor’s office. The victim suffered a light contusion.

“The deputy prosecutor’s vehicle was blasted in the vicinity of Gazy-Yurt while Mr. Galayev was on route to his office. It was a closed call. Fortunately, no one else suffered in the bombing,” a police officer said.

According to credible information, the improvised explosive device was attached to the bottom of the car, under the passenger’s seat. The bomb charge was reportedly about 200 gram of TNT equivalent. As of now, the police operational investigative group is conducting the field investigation at the scene.

“The criminals applied a remote controlled bomb. We do not have any doubts, deputy prosecutor Umarbek Galayev was apparently targeted in the attack. Case is open, under investigation,” the police officer said.

Ruslan Adayev, Caucasus Times, Chechnya

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