Ingushetia still cut off the Internet

INGUSHETIA, September 17, Caucasus Times – Since late August the republic has been cut off the world tidings banned local providers to give access to Internet.

At total there are over 20 Internet cafes and places in the republic where people can get access to Web sites. The Internet providers had been barred what the authorities said a legitimate measure against those who had no licenses to run the businesses. Though the locals explained the move differently in fact the youth of the republic were cut off the country and world news.

“We have had no access to the Internet since August 25. We thought the
restriction was due to presidential elections in Chechnya. However a month over the event we have not yet been permitted to resume,” a local businessmen running his Internet cafe said in an interview with Caucasus Times correspondent in Nazran. He was quoted saying, nobody had been told when we’d be reopened. “The licenses turned out just a pretext to abolish all Internet cafe in the republic,” the businessman said.

Now owners in a bid to save their businesses reconstruct the Internet-cafe installing one-armed bandits.

Caucasus Times

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