Ingushetia honors the memory of interethnic conflict’s victims

INGUSHETIA, November 1, Caucasus Times – The republic inhabitants will be conducting mournful ceremonies and make tables to honor the memory of victims who died during clashes between Ossetians and Ingushi people that erupted twelve years ago in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia in the autumn of 1992. Ingushetia’s authorities initiated sacrificial offering to be conducted in camps for internally displaced persons so the Ingush residents could commemorate the victims of those tragic days offering sheep and spreading the meat of sacrificed animals to needy families.

Moslem clerics and “Daimokhi” public organization appealed to the people to come at the graveyard near Nazran where the victims of the conflict rest in peace and help to clean and renovate the cemetery.

The disorders and clashes came in Prigoridny of North Ossetia at the end of October, 1992 and continued for six days. As a result of the interethnic conflict at least 600 were killed fifty of them Ingushis and eventually led to an escape of over 50 thousand Ingush people who had to leave their homes in Prigorodny area in North Ossetia.

As of now, according to recent accounts of Ingushetia’s committee on refugees there are at least 19 thousands internally displaced persons still living in Ingushetia and outside the republic, those who had fled from villages of Terk, Oktiyabrskoye, Ir and Yuzhny, etc. The North Ossetia authorities say the time for mass return of Ingushis to their homes has not come yet.

Malika Bagayeva, Caucasus Times

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