Ingush and Ossetian residents violent clashes in Northern Ossetia-Alania resulted in 7 or 11 Ingush injured

Lately, there have been a violent clash between the locals of Ingush and Ossetian nationals in Tarskoye village of the Suburban Territory of Republic Northern Ossetia-Alania.

A fight broke out when Ingush sportsmen trained by a coach outdoors had a brawl with local Ossetian youths. The quarrel turned into a violent fight with plenty of local residents of both nationals involved as supporters.

According to information obtained from Republican hospital of Ingushetia, Nazran, an injured Adam Chaniyev, 50, local resident, happened to be an official of the republican committee for refugees and displaced persons in Ingushetia.
The violent dispute resulted in injures of seven or eleven men of Ingush nationality.

The administration of Ingushetia gave no comments on the incident yet.

Malica Bagayeva, Nazran Caucasus Times

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