Humor festival “friendship of people” will take place in Grozny

CHECHNYA, 30 November, Caucasus Times. Youth Committee of Chechen Government in cooperation with UNISEF foundation in the North Caucasus and humor leage of Chechnya are going to organize a humor festival (KVN) “Friendship of People”.

According to information agency “Grozny-inform”, such teams as “People Dressed in different Clothes” from Nalchik, “New Metallurgists” from Lipets, “Highlanders from the Future” from Makhachkala and “Chechen Trace” from Grozny are going to take part in the festival.

Murad Tagiev, Deputy Chairman of the Youth Committee of Chechen Government, believes that the upcoming festival is an important additional way of communication between Chechen youth and youth from other regions from Russia and an effective way to put an end to all negative stereotypes about Chechens which became popular in last years.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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