Hiding place with the weapons and amunition has been discovered in Kabardino-Balkaria

DAGESTAN, 15 March, Caucasus Times. Head of the local Office of the Russian Consumers’ Ispection Eleonora Omarieva told that more than one thousand poultry died at a poultry farm in the neighbourhood of the village of Khalimbekaul on the territory of Buinaksk district in Dagestan.

In her words, poultry plague started last Tuesday and during the period until Wednesday 1200 poultry died. Total number of the poultry in this poultry farm is estimated at around ten thousand.

She also noticed that preliminary tests taken from the poultry, which died on 14 March indicated the virus of the bird flu. According to Veterinary Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Dagestan, after 27 February no cases of bird flu were reported on the territory of Dagestan.

Caucasus Times

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