Hazret Sovmen: “Budget of Adygea should be socially oriented”

ADYGEA, 17 January, Caucasus Times. Abrek Chich, press secretary of the President of Adygea, informed Caucasus Times correspondent that Hazret Sovmen, President of Adygea, announced that during working session with the members of the government this Tuesday.

Hazret Sovmen stressed that the republican budget should be socially oriented so that the needs of health services, education and culture are fully met. He also indicated that support should be provided to real sector of economy which is creating new jobs and is producing goods that are in high demand in Russia and abroad.

President also noticed that budget should not become an issue of various political games and speculations and that the budget should be aimed at improving living standards of the population of Adygea.

Members of the government, republican parliamentary deputies as well as heads of republican municipalities took part in the session. First reading of the budget will be considered by the republican parliament in the coming days.

Caucasus Times

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