George Drndarski presented to Aleksandr Ankvab ICRC’s report on missing persons

PRAGUE, 27 December . President Aleksandr Ankvab met with the Head of the ICRC mission in Abkhazia George Drndarski.

At the meeting they discussed the activities of the mission on the identification of unidentified remains.

At the beginning of December in Yerevan, took place a meeting of the members of the Coordination Mechanism on missing persons of 1992-1993. At the meeting it was announced that the work of all concerned parties has seen its first results. The remains of seven people buried in the Park of Glory in Sukhum have been identified.

George Drndarski presented to Aleksandr Ankvab the ICRC’s report of the work on the missing persons.

The Head of the mission thanked the President for the Abkhaz authorities’ cooperation with the ICRC in this issue.

“It could not have been otherwise. This is a very important issue. Despite the challenges, we must see to the completion of our work,” said Aleksandr Ankvab.
George Drndarski assured the President that the ICRC will not conclude its work on the identification of the remains until the very end.

Aleksandr Ankvab noted the efforts of the mission and personally the efforts of George Drndarski in his work.

“Without the ICRC’s participation, such work would be very difficult, if you will, impossible to undertake. For such a difficult situation, in which we see ourselves, this is a positive result of the intermediate work. If we shall continue in the same direction, than, possibly, we will see more positive results,” said Aleksandr Ankvab.

The results on the identification of the seven remains will be transferred to the Chief of Forensic Sciences at the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia. Announced by the Department of Information at the President of the RA.

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