Five abducted men reportedly missing as yet

Relatives of the five young men abducted last week in a task operation
in Ordjonikidzevskaya of Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia have not
established their whereabouts so far.

“We have appealed to the district Prosecutor’s office as well as to
the Interior Ministry of the republic lately, but all offices said the
law-enforcement agencies of Ingushetia did not participate in the
operation thus had no information on the case,” complained a sister of
a missing person in her interview with the Caucasus Times
correspondent September 1. “Don’t we have the right to know, why and
what our youths were detained for?”

According to the earlier reports on August 21 five young Chechen men
have been seized and taken away somewhere by an alleged federal task
forces group while visiting doctors in Ordjonikidzevskaya policlinic.
The servicemen reportedly seriously injured two detainees. Since then
the relatives have had no news from their young men and have been
seeking to find out their whereabouts, in vain as yet.

“We’ve had some hints, that Lom-Ali Shaepov, Salam Kerimov, Rasambek
Saedulayev, Adam Patsuyev, Ibrahim Idigov were kept for a while in a
building of the FSB in Magas,” said the mother of one of the
detainees. “However, our numerous requests to the regional FSB office
went unanswerable. As for now the agencies officers decline to confirm
whether the guys are alive or killed.”

The district Prosecutor’s office reported the disappearing case was
open, under investigation. “It’s far too soon to tell what army or
police units detained the young men. By the time the investigation is
over, all circumstances of the case will have been established,” said
an employee of the Prosecutor’s office, who declined to give his name.

Malica Suleimenova, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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