First rock festival “Fenix. Revival of life” in the Northern Caucasus has started in Chechnya

CHECHNYA, 7 November, Caucasus Times. First in the Northern Caucasus rock festival “Fenix. Revival of life” has started in Gudermes, the second largest city in Chechnya. Festival started on the local stadium “Lokomotiv” with one hour delay. Several thousands people from Chechen cities and rural regions of Chechnya attended the ceremony of the opening of the festival.

According to ITAR-TASS, Chechen Prime-Minister Sergej Abramov and First Deputy Prime-Minister Ramzan Kadyrov took part in the ceremony of opening.

In the words of Sergej Abramov, this festival became the most important event in the cultural life of the Chechen Republic symbolizing serious positive changes in Chechnya. “Life in the Chechen Republic is going back to normal quite fast” – stressed Chechen Prime-Minister.

Leader of the rock group “Ser’Ga” Sergej Galanin and local Chechen TV reporter Ilman Vakhidov opened the show by inviting famous Russian rock group “Nuans” to the scene. Alexandr Kutikov, participant of the legendary Russian rock group “Mashina vremeni” and Chechen group “President” continued the concert. Such well-known rock groups as “Uta”, “Agata Kristi”, “Mertvye delfiny”, “Nochnye snaipery” and “Bi-2” will also be participarting in the concert. Rock group “Ser’Ga” will be performing at the closing ceremony of the festival.

According to CaucasusTimes correspondent, the weather in Gudermes is now very good; there is no fog. The end of the concert is scheduled at about 18:00 Moscow times; the program of the concert will be a bit shortened. The concert will be broadcast today by Chechen TV channel “Vainah”. On 8 November televised version of the concert will be aired on TV channel “Rossia” at 00:15 Moscow time.

First rock festival in the Northern Caucasus including the leading Russian performers and groups is organized by the government of Chechen Republic and is supported by regional public Ahmat Kadyrov Foundation.

A large scene and tribunes for the public have been installed on the local “Lokomotiv” stadium. More than three thousands policemen are taking care of the security. Ambulance cars and fire-brigades are on duty during the concert.

Festival “Fenix” is already third attempt to organize rock festival. Initial plan was to organize festival on 5 July, then on 27 September and finally on 7 November.

Caucasus Times

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