Exhibition of Boris Utizhev Was Opened in the National Museum of Kabardino-Balkaria

Kabardino-Balkaria, 23 December. “Branch of a Tree” – under this title there was opened anniversary exhibition of the popular playwright Boris Utizhev, author of many theater performances in Kabardinian language. Present anniversary exhibition of 65-year old researcher of Adygean culture represents polyphony of ideas reflecting various aspects of existence of his beloved people.

As evidenced by many visitors of the exhibition, Boris Utizhev feels himself comfortable in many different genres such as caricature, epigram as well as historical novels. Literary works of Boris Utizhev are marked by his suggestion of freedom into human beings. Playwright himself considers his theater performace “Tyrgatao” to be one of the most successful in this respect.

In fact, the whole anniversary exhibition of Boris Utizhev demonstrates freedom from all kinds of stereotypes and ideas, imposed from the outside.

“Between Life and After” is one of the most recent short stories written by Boris Utizhev, which addresses the events in Chechnya. “People think that they have no choice. But bright and cheerful people always remember that sunrise is possible only if the sky is clean. “- Boris Utizhev noticed while saying good-buy to his numerous admirers.

Madina Dishekova, Nalchik, Caucasus Times

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