Death toll stands at 10, 51 injuries in a bombing at “Riga” Subway in Moscow

Prague, August 31, Caucasus Times, – For now, death toll stood at 10, with 51 victims suffered largely heavy injuries, FSB spokesmen said. Emergency Situations Service said there were 44 victims, including 4 children in the powerfull blast that came at 8.15 p. m. in the vicinity of “Rizhskaya” subway nearby Mira Prospekt

Preliminary reports said the bomb exploded in a car at parking lot. FSB alleged the bomb was set off by a suicide bomber. The bomb charge was about 2 kg of TNT, FSB bomb experts said at the scene.
The car witnesses said had been parked by a middle aged man shortly before the bomb went off. The FSB detectives conduct investigation at the scene to determine evidences.

Caucasus Times

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