Dagestani leader warns against destabilization in northern district

DAGESTAN, 20 April, Caucasus Time – “Criminal elements are making serious attempts to get into the government bodies,” the chairman of the Dagestani State Council, Magomedali Magomedov, told a sitting of the Dagestani State Council today which focused on the municipal elections held in the republic’s 12 districts in early 2005.

“The elections passed off without incidents in those districts where the voters had approached with full responsibility the elections of deputies of a representative body. Irresponsible people in district and town councils caused tension in some places. A glaring example of this is Kizlyarskiy District where a candidate, who had not been confirmed as municipal head, Vyacheslav Burov, seized the town administration building using force with the help of his armed supporters. Who allowed civilians to carry arms?” Magomedov asked.

The chairman of the State Council called on the law-enforcers to make every effort to prevent any form of opposition against the established law and order.

Magomedov said that the republic’s leadership will, in turn, do its best to ensure peace in Dagestan’s northern region and secure the interests of the Russian-speaking population.

“If they had approached the election of their district representatives seriously, they would have had the head of district satisfying their expectations,” Magomedov said.

Magomedov told the participants in the sitting about his telephone conversation with Saygid Murtuzaliyev [a deputy of the Dagestani People’s Assembly of Avar origin] who actively lobbied Burov’s candidacy. The head of the republic proposed the Olympic champion [Saygid Murtuzaliyev] to lead one of the governmental committees in exchange for noninterference in the Kizlyar affairs. He first agreed but changed his mind later and “threatened” the chairman of the State Council, accusing Magomedov of carrying out an attempt on his life.

Taking all this in view, Magomedov warned against a very serious threat that criminal elements might seize positions in the republic’s northern region. In this regard, he added that Khasavyurt mayor Saygidpasa Umakhanov’s presence with a large number of armed people in Kizlyar on the election day was completely unfounded.

“The attempts to destabilize the situation in the south and north of the republic are aimed at discrediting the current leadership in the run-up to the election of a republican leader,” Magomedov said.

Rashid Kaplanov, Mahachkala, Caucasus Times

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