Dagestan doctors return from North Ossetia

DAGESTAN, September 8, Caucasus Times – Recently, a group of Dagestan doctors who had transported blood components to Beslan, on Friday3, came back after several days of extensive work at the scene.

The doctors led by Rasim Ramazanov, the head of surgery department of emergency center in the republic, appeared to be the first group from North Caucasus to aid at the scene. Dagestan physicians took part in many surgical operations dealing with gunshot and shrapnel wounds to head, burns and other serious cases, Mr. Ramazanov told Caucasus Times correspondent

On September 3 at least 67 injured people, largely schoolchildren, died in Beslan hospital due to severe gunshot wounds they suffered in the storm. Throughout the first hours of tragedy, according to Mr. Ramazanov, death toll has raised, there were so many fatalities mainly among children, some of them died while being transported to hospital due to deadly wounds.

The Dagestan surgeons had to work in very difficult conditions. The operating rooms in hospital all were overfilled so the physicians had to continue surgeries in the corridors. The doctors did not stop, changing one another in operating rooms, working the round-the-clock shift.

Abdullah Suleymanov, Caucasus Times, Makhachkala

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