Council of Europe will not mediate in the Chechen conflict

PRAGUE, February 10, Caucasus Times – The conflict in Chechnya should resolved by the Russian authorities, says General secretary of the Council of Europe Terry Davis on the eve of his visit to Moscow expected on February 13.

The European top official said he always disapproved separatism and respected territorial integrity of Russia. He also endorses the idea of the “round table” on the Chechen problem. European lawmakers as well as Russian rights activists will participate in the meeting to be held in Moscow this March to help to settle the conflict. However, the Moscow-backed Chechen authorities rejected the idea of negotiation with Aslan Maskhadov.

“The question of negotiation with the Chechen gangs’ leaders is on the agenda any more and the human rights activists’ proposals on this account is irrelevant. There is no subject for negotiation,” the Interfax agency quoted Ziyad Sabsaby representing Chechnya in Moscow as saying.

Caucasus Times

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