Cossacks awarded for protecting border between two southern Russian regions

NORTH OSSETIA, 22 September, Caucasus Times – Members of the Terskiy Cossack forces of North Ossetia have been awarded for their contribution to the protection of public order and ensuring security of the republic’s administrative border with Ingushetia as part of units assisting the police, Khariton Edziyev, the ataman [leader] of Alanskiy District, has told the Caucasus Times.

Edziyev said that the local government in North Ossetia’s Prigorodnyy District has raised the allowances of the Cossacks, who are protecting the borders of the district.

Meanwhile, the website expressed its dissatisfaction over the stepped-up security on the administrative border, an area where terrorist acts happen on a regular basis. The website says that the Cossack units are “criminal groups”, which are “lay down the law” in “western Ingushetia” – the name they have given to Prigorodnyy District of North Ossetia.

The latest high-profile terrorist attack on the Ingush border was the explosion of a Russian armoured personnel carrier. Eyewitnesses said the terrorist attack was carried out by a criminal groups of Ingush residents, six of whom have been arrested by the FSS [Federal Security Service] bureau in Ingushetia.

Asiat Sagmatova, Vladikavkaz, Caucasus Times

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