Corruption scale in southern Russia upsets Putin’s envoy to the region

Speaking at the meeting of the regional governments’ officials in Rostov-on-Don Wednesday President Putin’s envoy to the South Federal District Dmitry Kozak said he was deeply concerned about the corruption that had overwhelmed the region’s governmental offices.

Official statistics on the number of corruption cases in the region was just perfect but local people might say, that the crime “is flourishing as well in governmental offices as in law enforcement agencies”, Mr. Kozak was quoted as saying.

Sergey Viazalov, deputy envoy to the region, managing social and economical issues, commented on huge new outlays for the local bureaucrats. Since 2000 the salary of the officials, according to Mr. Viazalov, has multiplied as much as 10 billion rubles ($370 million). “In Ingushetia, for example, twelve percent of the budget are spent annually for the officials’ salary, in Kalmykia – 10 percents, while incomes of the population here have not changed,” Mr. Viazalov was quoted as saying.


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