Circassians of Izrael, Jordan and Turkey asks Hague to defend the status of Adygea

ADYGEA, 13 February, Caucasus Times. Press service of Circassian Congress of Adygea told CaucasusTimes correspondent that on 11 February Circassian Congress of Izrael, Friends of Caucasus Adygeans of the Kingdom of Jordan and Caucasus Forum of Turkey sent in an address to OSCE asking this international organization to provide assistance to indigenous people of Adygea in preserving their current statehood in the form of the republic.

In the words of Alia Berzegov, Head of the press service, above-mentioned organizations of Circassian diaspora signed a text of a joint address, which has received an agreement of Circassian Congress of Adygea before sending this address to Europe. This document has been sent in to Rolf Ekeus, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities.

“We, Adygeans, turned out to be out of our Motherland in spite of our will. We are indigenous people of the North-Western Caucasus. Starting from the end of 18th century Russian empire has been waging a colonial war against Circassians aimed at not only annexation of their territory, but also complete extermination of the Adygean (Circassian) ethnic group. Russian-Caucasian war, which lasted for around 100 years, ended in 1864. As a result of this war, more than 90% of the population were either phisically exterminated or deported to lands outside their historical territory. Colonists from the inner Russian regions were moved to the empty territories”, – the address to OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities says.

Authors of the document stressed that “in 1991 Russia proclaimed itself a democratic country. In 1992, Adygea proclaimed itself a republic and signed a federation treaty with the federal center. However, in recent years imperial thinking and way of behavior is on the rise in Russia. Nationalistic forces are being consolidating in Adygea. Activities of those forces are aimed at liquidating Republic of Adygea, which contradicts to UN Charter and other international laws. We ask you to interfere in the situation in Adygea to protect the republic and to send there a special commission. We would like OSCE to take control over the situation in the republic and settle it on the basis of international law”.

It is worth of reminding that on 29 January similar addreess signed by Circassian Congress of Adygea and Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Adyge Hase of Adygea and Kabardino-Blkarian Public Human Rights Center has been sent to Christian Stroel, Head of OSCE Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Office in Warsaw.

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