Children of the former ‘Bella’ camp residents relocated to another settlement do not go to school

INGUSHETIA, October 13, Caucasus Times – In recent three weeks, children of the refugees who had been displaced to ‘Satsita’ settlement from the closed ‘Bella’ camp can not go to local school.

The administration of ‘Satsita’ camp excused the situation reasoning there were no places in the local school. “We do not want these children not to attended our school, but we do not have free places in there. Even the local school students have to study in three shifts,” the commandant of ‘Satsita’ camp said.

“We do not know either, who is responsible, but before the people were removed the migration agency officials guaranteed all basic necessities would be available at the new settlement to ensure the refugees elementary conditions for living,” Magomadova Zoiya, the local woman. “In ‘Bella’ camp we had quite a nice school in a two-storied building. We’ve been without electricity for three weeks and our children can not go to school.”

According to the Migration control service officials they’ve been trying to resolve all problems the refugees face to provide all basic needs for them. 150 tents had been set up, besides, the public utilities service workers have connected gas pipelines to the camp. Electricians are about to complete installation of electricity in the settlement. The agency will arrange places for the children in the school, a Migration service official said.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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