Chechen refugees disregard elections in Chechnya

INGUSHETIA, October 6, Caucasus Times – There were two sites for election polls established in the republic in Assinovskaya and Sernovodsk for Chechen refugees to cast their votes for a presidential candidate. Since October 5 early morning the authorities sent comfortable buses of to transport the Chechen refugee-voters to the sites.

At 2 p.m. the buses remained empty in the three refugee camps “Alina” “Satsita” and “Sputnik”. Before noon only the 20 residents of “Bart” camp in Karabulak were ready to go to the election poll. About the same number of voters were transported in the afternoon from the camp, said a bus driver.

Afterwards, the drivers of the buses decided to returned to Chechnya without passengers. But they were stopped by the traffic police and ordered back to the camps to stay there till the evening. Nevertheless, by the evening a situation has not changed. There were no more people who would want to go to the election polls.

The refugees explained their attitude to the election campaign they see no reason to participate because the election results have been already predetermined and their votes would have changed anything. “The Kremlin officials do not want peace in Chechnya and have made a bet on Kadyrov. After Malik had been removed it became clear there was no choice for us left,” Malkan Sugaipova, a local woman said in her interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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