Chechen President does not see any obstacles in the work of the Danish Refugee Council

CHECHNYA, 28 February, Caucasus Times. On 28 February during his press conference in Moscow Chechen President Alu Alkhanov emphasized that the Danish Refugee Council should and will continue its activities on the territory of Chechnya.

“This Danish organization will continue its work in our republic. I am grateful to them for providing enormous assistance to Chechen Republic starting from at least 1999”, – Alkhanov told journalists during his press conference in Moscow. Also, he noted that nobody expelled this Danish organization from Chechnya. In his words, there should have been prepared a special “legal document” to expell this organization from Chechen Republic.

Commenting on the previous statement made by Acting Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov that this Danish organization should stop working in Chechnya, Alkhanov noticed that taking into account extremely tense circumstances at that time, this statement was purely emotional expression.

In addition, Alkhanov remarked that there will be no elections in Chechnya in the near future since new federal law changed the system of elections of the heads of the Russian regions.

Caucasus Times

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