Chechen official claims all 2006 terrorist attacks solved

CHECHNYA, 6 December, Caucasus Times: The reduction of the number of terrorist attacks shows that the situation in Chechnya is normalizing, the interior minister of the republic, Gen-Col Ruslan Alkhanov said.

Alkhanov has reported that nine terrorist attacks were carried out during
the first nine months of 2006, and all of them were solved. Twenty abductions had also been registered this year while there were 155 abductions last year, he said. Eighteen crimes connected to the 20 abductions have been solved, with the guilty parties identified and detained, he noted.

The minister has given assurances that there is only a small number of acting members of bandit formations left in Chechnya. He said: “Neutralizing this bunch of people is a question of time. All of them will get what thery deserve”.

He noted that a large amount of operations work is being conducted in the republic. “The secret services are working. The last of the so-called militant leaders is left. He says that he is the acting president. He is
Dokka Umarov. He faces the same result as [Aslan] Maskhadov and [Shamil] Basayev,” the minister said.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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