Chechen inhabitant detained in Nesterovskaya

Just lately about 20masked uniformed gunmen burst into a private house in Nesterovskaya
village of Sunzha district in Ingushetia and detained Khadisov
Buvaisar Vakhit, 26, a Chechen refugee.
On June 7, at about 5 a.m., the detainee’s wife related, Russian servicemen arrived on four jeeps, surrounded the house on Sovetskaya street in Nasyr-Yurt and barged into where the refugee temporarily lived with his wife and a little daughter.

They knocked Buvaisar down and started beating him up. “I was holding my little daughter while I reasoned and asked them to stop. Then a serviceman pushed me so hard I fell down and had a close call, for my daughter might get her head injured,” told Khamkhoeva Zarema, the detainee’s wife.

The attackers put handcuffs on him and took him away. Khadisov’s kin can not figure out what was the reason for his detainment. They asserted Buvaisar moved to Ingushetia since Russia started the second war campaign in Chechnya and maintained his family by working as a build constructor. Since Buvaisar disappeared his relatives have been trying to find something out about him but all in vain.

They requested Interior Ministry and FSB repeatedly but those agencies did not respond. The Interior Ministry employees claimed they had nothing to do with the event and no responsible agency had been found yet.

Human rights groups are seriously concerned about the numbers of Chechen refugees detained and abducted increased just recently. Eventually, they said some detainees disappeared. “The situation in Ingushetia resembles the methods Russia’s special
agencies worked out and practiced in Chechnya which looked very much like ‘mopping ups’ in the outbreak republic. Noteworthy, Ingushetia’s police and local authorities appeared to be outsiders while the Russian special services remained out of control in the republic and
the situation is urgent,” said Zarman Makhadjieva, a leader of ‘Niyyso’ (Justice) Chechen Human Rights group.

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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