Bleeding windows of Beslan

The tragedy in Beslan that has carried off at least 340 lives of people half of them innocent children, prompted a well known Kabardian artist, the member of Russian Academy of Fine Arts Muhaddin Kishev to create a series of pictures, in which the artist would want to represent the scale of the abominable crime committed at the Beslan school and the terror-stricken children abandoned by adults. On one of his pictures “Where are you, mommy?” Mr. Kishev has depicted children’s arms begging the adults for protection at their relatives in despair unable to change anything. “Bleeding windows of Beslan” the series of pictures the artist was quoted saying, urging to prevent such disastrous tragedies.

The pictures will be displayed soon on the exhibition in Madrid, Moscow and in the North Caucasus.

Islam Tekushev, Prague, Caucasus Times

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