Beslan victims ask Russian prosecutor to help identify gunman

NORTH OSSETIA, 18 May, Caucasus Times – One of the victims of the Beslan school siege, a member of the Voice of Beslan Committee, Ella Kesayeva, has sent a petition to Deputy Prosecutor-General Nikolay Shepel, asking him to provide for identification a photograph of militant Ali Taziyev (aka Amir Magas and Magomad Yevloyev), a fellow-fighter of terrorist Shamil Basayev.

“We asked Shepel to show us Taziyev’s photograph because we think that he and a certain terrorist known as Ali, who participated in the Beslan terrorist act, are the same person,” Ella Kesayeva told journalists during a break at the session of the Supreme Court of North Ossetia on the case of Nurpashi Kulayev, a participant in the school siege.

The deputy prosecutor-general has agreed to examine this petition, Kesayeva said.

We should recall that the investigation into the attempt on the life of Ingushetia’s deputy interior minister, Dzhabrail Kostoyev, is checking the possible involvement in this crime of several people from Shamil Basayev’s circle, especially Ali Taziyev who is also known as Magas.

Recently, after the terrorist attack in Ingushetia, the website of Chechen separatists Kavkaz-Tsentr published an interview with Amir Magas (aka as Magomad Yevloyev and Ali Taziyev) who is responsible in the self-styled Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) for hostilities in Ingushetia.

It must be remembered that according to the Prosecutor-General’s Office, Yevloyev led the terrorist attack on Beslan and was killed during the storming of the school.

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