‘Bella’ tent camp refugees appeal to Russia Prosecutor General

INGUSHETIA, September 15, Caucasus Times – The Chechen residents of ‘Bella’ refugee camp located in the vicinity of Ordzhonikidzevskaya village of Sunzhensky district of
Ingushetia have appealed in their letter to the Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov.

The inhabitants of the camp consider the order # 23/4449 from August 1, 2003 signed by the deputy head of the Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation, Maj. Gen. Igor Unashev to pull down the ‘Bella’ refugee tent camp appears to be contrary to Putin’s statements and therefore is to be called off. The people refuse to remove since their security in Chechnya is not guaranteed. The refugees are reasonable reminding “if the FSB or other law-enforcement agencies are still under bomb attack and gunfire assaults, who would be able to guarantee safety for us.” The representatives of the refugees also ask to oblige the Russian Migration Service to give out to food rations allocated for the displaced persons.

The letter was signed by 14 members of the Public Council of the camp residents.

Malika Bagayeva Times, Ingushetia

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