“Bella” camp refugees left outdoors

INGUSHETIA, September 30, Caucasus Times – About 12 families of the Chechen refugees from ‘Bella’ tent camp were reportedly left out-of-doors remaining under rain while they were being relocated to another camp ‘Satsita’.

The other day the Interior Ministry Federal Migration control service officials visited the camp in an apparent bid to persuade the residents to move to another camp promising all basic necessities to live there. As a result, 12 families of the internally displaced persons, including 30 underage children) agreed to move and were transported to the ‘Satsita’ camp and left there. . As of now, about 50 families refuse to move anywhere, reasoning that the officials haven’t fulfilled any agreements and have not provided the resident in ‘Satsita’ camp with the basic necessities, failing to supply them with gas and electricity.

Several days ago, Ingushetia president Murat Ziyazikov had ordered to get the electricity and gas pipeline restored. However, since yesterday the situation in the camp became worse.

Thus far, the Migration Service officials have not commented the situation.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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