Arshty set free

On Jun 9, Sunday morning, after tree days tight blockade of Arshty village of Sunzha district in Ingushetia reportedly was over and Russian forces withdrew.

Since then the traffic has been allowed in all directions and the servicemen at checkpoint do not restrain people to go in and out.
According to recent reports Arshty blockaded May 6 by Russian forces had to endure several days “mopping up”. “The servicemen seemed in all probability taking revenge on the locals abusing them for recent incident with armored military vehicle ambushed by militants. Actually, they should blame on themselves the rebels managed to infiltrate the peaceful village and slip out,” told a local on condition of anonymity. “These several days the servicemen gave us a real shake-down, or putting it formally ‘checking up’ identity cards while moving around on their armored vehicles entering empty houses stealing things as the mere looters.”

The republic authorities remained mute and Ingushetia’s Interior ministry employees refused to comment the incident since they were ignored by Russian commandment, which kept the Ingushi policemen off the operation.

Inga Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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