Another Russian ‘force’ agencies’ raid on Chechen refugees camp in Ingushetia

The incident occurred at 7-8 p.m. This time the ‘force’ agents targeted a temporary displaced persons camp, refugees camp in short in Nazran city on the territory owned by ‘Tanzila-Akramat’ business company.

The camp was surrounded by masked gunman, refugees said, not permitting anyone in or out including Ingushi policemen. Some servicemen rushed into the territory grabbing any men around.
Eventually, the solders caught several men who were severely beaten by the rifles’ butts and laying victims faces down. The execution went on for 30 min. and detainees were transported somewhere afterwards.
One detainee was identified as Kuree Gaisumov, 47. While he was sitting at the bench near the camp entrance reading a newspaper the servicemen pulled in the site got at him, beating the man with their rifle’s butts.

After a while, the ‘law-enforcement agents announced they detected a car loaded with assault rifles and rockets launchers. They demonstrated the car to the camp commandant and two refugees to prove their words.

Nevertheless, locals of the camp maintained that troubles-causing car was pulled in after the raid had began. The servicemen’s abuses went on until Ingushi entered the camp and demanded those arbitrary rules to be stopped immediately.

According to some details available the ‘mopping up’ appeared to be conducted whether by a special group of Interior Ministry or a joint FSB agent of Ingushetia and Chechnya. Ingushetia’s Interior Ministry officials told Caucasus Times correspondent they were informed about the operation after it had been over.

The incident became the third in a series of ‘force’ agencies attacks on refugees camps in two weeks over. The tendency is threatening. Besides, the inhabitants of such tent camps remain uneasy since new expected mass ‘mopping-ups’ of refugee settlements have being rumored lately.

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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