“Amnesty International” notices that human rights situation in Russia is deteriorating and calls EU to have an influence on the situation

PRAGUE, 17 March, Caucasus Times. “Amnesty International” believes that European Union has to pay more attention to human rights situation in Russia, which is gradually deteriorating. Jose Manuel Barroso, Chairman of European Commission, is going to visit Moscow soon and to discuss with the Russian President Vladimir Putin new framework of strategic partnership between Russia and European Union.

“Amnesty International” declares that it is getting more important for the Russian leadership to take decisive measures to improve human rights situation in the country.

In the letter addressed to Chairman of the European Commission, “Amnesty International” stressed that EU can speed up this process. At the same time, if EU avoids discussing this issue with the Russian authorities, this can have a negative impact on the perspectives of the human rights situation in Russia.

“Amnesty International” pointed out that situation in Chechnya is still far from being normal and that neighbouring Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria, where thousands of people became forced migrants, are getting increasingly invloved in the conflict zone.

In addition, representatives of “Amnesty International” expressed their concern over the fact that some EU countries deported Chechen asylum seekers from their countries back to the Russian Federation.

Emin Guseinzade, Prague, Caucasus Times

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