Adygheiya’s official delegation returns home after official visit to Byelorussia

On July 31, the top officials delegation of Adygheiya returned to
Maikop after two days visit to Byelorussia.

The day before thegovernment delegation of Adygheiya headed by Khazret Sovmen has had
talks with the President of Byelorussia. Russia’s ambassador to
Byelorussia Alexander Blokhin also took part in the meeting.

Thepresidents have exchanged their opinions on a contribution, which
Russia’s territories could have made in the process building of Russia
and Byelorussia Commonwealth.

There were several meetings with actingprime minister of Byelorussian, the municipalities officials of Minsk and Lyubliana, visiting some industrial and processing enterprises of
the republic.

The delegation members discussed with their partners the
possibilities of the economic, scientific and cultural relations
between Adygheiya and Byelorussia.

The cooperation with Minsk tractor
producing factory might have been one of the most favorable projects.
Byelorussia could supply Adygheiya with some upgraded tractors on a
lease basis at that participate in organization of service stations,
supplying them with equipment, spare parts as well in Adygheiya, as in
Krasnodar territory and other regions of the South Federal District.

As a result the negotiators have planned to appoint two working groups
to evolve specific proposals and business-plans to fulfill the

Now it’s the turn of Sergey Sidorsky, the prime minister of
Byelorussia to visit Adygheiya. His visit would bring the cooperation
of the two republics to a higher stage.

Laurece Khakuzh, Adygheiya Caucasus Times

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