‘Adyghe Khassa’ congress failed to be held

The 21st congress of ‘Adyghe Khassa’, a public organization of Adyghe people, could not be conducted on May 31 because it didn’t have quorum though the delegates had been informed long before the date.

The organization does not have its own headquarters so ‘Khassa’ a local school of arts’ hall for the congress to be held. Eventually, only 85 delegates of total 187 representing 45 villages and cities arrived to Maikop. Therefore the delegates decided to postpone the congress and to hold a conference instead.

The chairman of ‘Adyghe Khassa’ blamed on the members of opposition that thwarted the congress as well as government’s officials who appeared to be involved in political maneuvers. These serious charges were proved by several delegates that said of an official of the media, publishing and information committee who claimed the congress to be allegedly called off due to the president’s absence in the republic.

The opposition representatives started in turn criticizing the chairman who misled, they said, the ‘Khassa’, which failed to respond adequately to the challenges Adyghe nation encountered.

Rumors launched by Moscow media of the possible integration of Adygeiya into Krasnodar territory ensued uneasiness in the republic and the news was considered to be a provocative gesture. Kremlin has been keeping a firm grip on the national republics to minimize their autonomy. This trend would cause a fatal result for Adyghes, the ancient indigenous people that turned out a minority in their homeland thus the arguments of concerned opposition sounded reasonable.
Actually, all delegates remained disappointed by explanation given by Adygeiya’s president Khazret Sovemen at his press-conference on the issue. The delegates decided to invite the president to attend next congress of ‘Khassa’ on June 21. The congress should reportedly be followed by the assembly of Adyghe people.

Laurece Khakuzh, Maikop Caucasus Times

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