Adyghe community of Israel seeks coming homeland

ADYGEYA, October 2, Caucasus Times, – The question has been raised at a meeting with Adygheya’s President by a delegation of the Adyghe diaspora visiting the republic’s festivities celebrating its anniversary and the 3rd festival of Adyghe culture. The guests met with President Sovemen on September 30 to ask his aid in solving legal procedures for granting the naturalization for the potential repatriates from the Adyghe community of Israel, who would be willing to return to their homeland and could afford all costs for moving and settling in Russia.

The Adyghe people living abroad have been much concerned over the Russian authorities’ move to tough naturalization legislation. The modern law granting Russian citizenship has made it almost impossible for the Adyghes to return to the homeland qualifying them just as foreigners who could be naturalized, if any, enduring a very a long time being deprived of many legal rights. Understanding the situation in today’s world being quite complicated due to terrorism threats the Adyghes of Israel believe the legislation could be more preferential to native Adyghes, just the way Israel or Germany treat their repatriates.

The Adyghes (Circassians), the indigenous people of the Northwest Caucasus who had inhabited the region for several thousand years were forced to leave their motherland by Russian czar’s troops in late 19 century.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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