Adygea’s president endorses Putin’s power centralization

ADYGEIYA, September 15, Caucasus Times, – Adygea’s President administration office issued a statement of Khazret Sovemen supporting President Putin’s recent political initiatives.

“This particular political solution is well-timed and completely adequate to the situation,” the statement reads. According to the statement “the confirming of Putin’s nominated local governors by regional legislatures will allow to strengthen the regional and local authorities and to raise the level of their accountability and effectiveness.”

The chairman of the lower chamber of Adyghea’s parliament Mukharbi Tkharkakhov has also approved Putin’s political measures in his interview with the local television station. He was quoted as saying “The nomination of regional governors by the Russian President and confirming them by local legislatures will increase significantly the role of parliaments elected by popular vote.”

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maikop

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