According to the Head of Presidential Administration, Statements Made During the Congress of the Union of Slavs of Adygea Are Marked By Xenophobia And ChauvinismAccording to the Head of Presidential Administration, Statements Made During the Congress of the Union of Slavs of Adygea Are Marked By Xenophobia And Chauvinism

ADYGEA, 21 December, Caucasus Times. Press service of the President of Adygea informed Caucasus Times correspondent that this statement was made by Talii Beretar, the Head of the Presidential Administration.

“We expected that the Congress would be marked by exactly those slogans which had been proclaimed. Aims declared by the leaders of the Union of Slavs are in fact starting point of the parliamentary election campaign in Adygea. Parliamentary elections in Adygea are scheduled for 12 March 2006. There was nothing new in those declarations. Most of speeches and declarations were marked by xenophobia and chauvinism. On the eve of the parliamentary elections such an unbridled nationalism and calls to liquidate the only Adygean autonomy in the world can cause unpredictable consequences. Authors and supporters of such ideas are fully reponsible for such consequences”, – Talii Beretar pointed out.

“In the meantime, the results of the most recent public opinion polls indicate that majority of the population of Adygea including those of Slavonic nationality are fully aware of potential danger of such slogans and actions. Therefore, we are sure that nobody can split our society and our peoples and destabilize the situation in the most stable and calm republic in the North Caucasus”, – Head of Presidential Administration noticed.

Talii Beretar expressed his hope that relevant bodies would pay necessary attention to the documents approved by the Congress, which, in his opinion, contradict to the current legislation.
Public Opinion of Adygea is Indignated By the Program Aims of the Union of Slavs of Adygea

Publication of the reports presented during the Fourth Congress of the Slavs of Adygea held on 18 December in Maikop caused numerous protests from the public and representatives of the republican authorities.

Murat Berzegov, Chairman of republican public movement “Cherkessian Congress” informed CaucasusTimes correspondent that his organizations received a lot of phone calls from the public urging to conduct a round table discussion. In his words, all public organizations and parties of Adygea should unite their efforts to prevent the candidates of the block to take part in the elections.

In Berzegov’s view, latent call to use force is particularly unacceptable. He believes that joining Krasnodar Krai would result in factual liquidation of Adygea and that only indigenous population have a right to solve this question.

Gazii Chemso, Republican Minister of Culture and Press described reports presented at the congress as “demagogy” and populist PR-activities.

Unification of Adygea and Krasnodar Region: 22% For, 39% Against

During the period of April 12-17, journalists from the information agency Caucasus Times conducted a survey in Maykop, the capital of Adygea to find out people’s views on the current situation in the Republic and planned unification of Adygea and the Krasnodar Region.

In response to the question about he most acute problems in Adygea, the overwhelming majority (93%) indicated social and economic issues, 28% security; 19% relations amongst various nationalities; and 5% religion.

The question about possible results of the planned unification revealed a significant difference of opinion. Although 31% believed that unification “will improve the situation in Adygea,” yet the same percentage of respondents felt quite the opposite and believed the situation “would only worsen.” 16% believe it “will rather worsen”, while 14% expect that it “would rather improve” and 8% refused to answer the question.

Regarding the unification of Adygea and Krasnodar region, 39% stated their willingness to vote against it, while 22% intended to support it. 21% were “likely to support it” and 12% were “likely not to.” Therefore, from the entire population of Maykop a percentage of those inclined to say “yes” or “possibly yes” to uniting with Krasnodar region comprises 43%, while the number of those against or possibly against stands at 51%. Only 6% of those interviewed failed to answer this question, which indicates that most of the people do have personal opinions about this matter.

Islam Tekushev, Prague, Caucasus Times

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