A young local man detained in sweep of Sunzhensky district village

INGUSHETIA, October 16, Caucasus Times – The other day, Ibrahim Shamayev, 22, was seized in a private house of Troitskaya village in Ingushetia and abducted by unidentified servicemen.

At down, a group of uniformed masked gunmen swept into a house rented by the Shamayevs. There where seven persons in the house at that moment of detention, including Ibrahim’s brother with his family.

“The gunmen pointed guns at the people, while two servicemen were searching in the house. They didn’t find anything but grabbed Ibrahim, pushed him into a car and left the village,” the relatives of the detainee told the Caucasus Times correspondent.

The abducted person’s relatives affirm, the young man stayed in Ingushetia since the war in Chechnya had begun and had nothing to do with the rebels.

This very day, the enforcement agencies, presumably federal task forces, Chechen refugees said, had conducted “targeted sweeps” in several other private houses, rented by the displaced persons from Chechnya. According to locals, about 4 or 9 persons have been detained in the sweep and their whereabouts not know as yet.

The Interior Ministry of the republic declined to comment the militaries action.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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